5 Things to do in Norway

Being someone who is very much interested in Astronomy, seeing the northern lights has always been a dream for me. And being someone who lives in Dubai, I wanted to go somewhere cold and extreme so I chose Norway!

Norway Song Inspiration

Where I went

Tromso- Lyngseidet ( Also known as Lyngen Alps)

How I got there

I took a direct flight with Emirates Airlines to Oslo. Then from Oslo I took a 2 hour domestic flight to Tromso followed by a one hour and half hour bus ride to Lyngseidet.

Where I stayed

Tromso: Clarion Hotel The Edge

Lyngen: Magic Mountain Lodge

Let me take a moment to tell you about how lucky I was to come across this lodge which led me to Lyngen in the first place. The lodge is run by Patrick and his wife Henrika who made us feel so at home to the extent where we ended up staying there 4 nights! They were very helpful in booking us the activities, helping me set my camera to catch the auroras ( as I'm a very lousy photographer) and feeding us yummy home-cooked food. And when I forgot my passport and all my money on the bus which went on the ferry to a completely different city, none other than Henrika helped me get it back by calling the right people.

What I did

Hunt for Auroras

I used the app Norway lights which tells you the aurora activity by the hour. We were lucky enough to catch the auroras 3 nights out of 4. And no matter how many words I use to describe it or how many pictures I post, I am not giving justice to the real experience. It was simply the most surreal thing I have ever experienced. Make sure to take a good tripod and a DSLR to take good pictures !

Dog sledding

Patrick booked us an evening dog sledding session with their awesome friend Tommy. He has 24 beautiful friendly Huskies that I totally fell in love with. It was my first dog sledding experience and although i freaked out in the beginning since I had to lead the dogs through the forest in the night in the presence of a moose, the minute the northern lights lit up the sky during the ride I forgot everything. It was heavenly. And what made the night even more perfect was one Tommy offered to light us a fire by the beach and the sky lit up for us.

Ice Climbing

Being a climber, ice climbing is something I always wanted to try so I was psyched when we found out  there's a nearby frozen waterfall! Again, Patrick's friend who is a guide took us there and geared us up to start the climb. It's a complete different experience than climbing since you have to have all the strength in your arms and wrists especially that the axes are heavy. I was so scared they will fall on someone's head! It was such a pleasant experience regardless of the fact that I axed my face and bled throughout :D


Norway is basically a country made of mountains and fjords so no matter where you go, you are going to find hiking trails and places to explore. We went on a 5 hour hike on one of the brightest days which finally led to an epic view of the 2:30 pm sunset. Make sure to wear gaiters as the snow can be really high and have a headlight because the darkness will arrive before you that's for sure!

Cross country skiing

The last time I skied was 6 years ago but cross-country skiing is very different than regular skiing. Even the skis are different! You have to follow a trail throughout the mountains. It's a fun workout to explore the area! Expect lots of butt falls!

This Norway trip was by far one of the best trips I have ever experienced. Follow me on Instagram @monkyseemonkydo for more of my adventures!